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Strictest law for UK people looking for repossession help

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

A new law has come into force which protects the homeowners in Scotland, UK. The Homeowner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Act, presents the strongest legislative protection for the people who are facing repossession in the UK.

Each and every case that comes on from now will be heard in the court along with the mortgage lenders. The mortgage lenders from now on need to prove that they have tried to avoid repossession by taking all necessary measures. The advisory board needs to play a humongous role in supporting and representing the individuals facing repossession in court. is a trading portal of Yellow Springbok, one of the UK’s leading property buyers. It is a national company that has associates and managers located through towns and cities in entire UK. Stop Repossession 2day has a huge network of cash investors who provides immediate funds. Therefore, we are able to offer you immediate help in case you are facing a house repossession process.

Home repossession is a harrowing experience. However, the families in Scotland who are facing house repossession now have a new law to rely upon. Always remember that it is important to discuss the debt situation that you are in, rather than putting the problem under the carpet.

All that you have to do is choose the best option that is appropriate for your situation. The rest will be taken care of by Stop Repossession 2day including paying the legal fees. Now you can look forward to a new life free from the burdens of the debt.

I am being repossessed – What are my options now

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

More than 46,000 houses in UK were repossessed in 2009. So you are not alone; thousands of people in the country are experiencing the same problem. The trailing effects of recession are still much active. Housing and employment markets are yet to revive 100%. Financial hardship is quite common now. A lot of home owners are experiencing difficulties paying off mortgage, so again, you are not alone.

Repossession is the last option a creditor applies to retrieve their fund. However, it is important for you to know that repossession is not unavoidable. A little bit of awareness and calculative moves on your part can help you stop repossession. There is no point in burying your head and saying I am being repossessed – I am finished.

Repossession is not good for your credit. You should always try to stop it. The best way to avoid repossession is to pay off the mortgage. If budget, cost cutting and no other solutions work, consider selling off your house for quick cash. This will help you save your credit; you can also avoid the stressful proceedings of repossession. Hence, selling off home sounds to be the best option.

Who will buy my house in such depressed market?

It is true that finding a buyer for houses has become difficult of late. You can sell your house to the cash buyers. Cash property buyers are investors; they purchase your house for instant cash. You can contact cash buyers and enquire how they can help you stop house repossession.