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A taxi driver, father of five, faces repossession in West Belfast

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

BBC has published a real story of a homeowner in West Belfast. The man is facing repossession; he is a father of five and his house is going to be repossessed in next 3 to 4 weeks. He has gone through divorce and not in a position to work due to his health problems. He has many other loans apart from the mortgage. Earlier, when the market was in good condition his property was valued around £220,000 and he did not have any problem paying the mortgage. Then he went through divorce; suffered from psychological problems, got admitted to hospital and all the troubles began. Now the bank is likely to sell the house for much lower price than what he owes to the lenders. He is worried. Read the full story.

He could avoid repossession. Divorce, medical problem and unemployment – all three most impactful factors that lead to repossession are present in the story. However, as the report says he was a ‘taxi driver’ earlier, if he recovers he can still earn money. He is just getting income support for himself now.

What he could do to avoid repossession:

He could sell the house for quick cash and avoid repossession. It’s true that he was not in a position to take such a decision or explore his options. But this could be a valid option for him. Not only this man in West Belfast, but anybody anywhere in the country can avoid repossession by making a quick sale. If you need to avoid repossession in Oldham you have to go for a quick sale.

Now it might be a tough task to sell property quickly. Only cash property buyers can offer quick deal now. If you are trying to avoid repossession in Oldham, look for a buyer in your neighbourhood. They can offer you quickest deal; make sure you work with a reputed buyer.

Avoid property repossession in Manchester without taking much trouble

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Many people start to sweat; but if you do a little bit of market study you would realise that you can avoid property repossession easily; it’s not that tough. However, you have to take the right step at right time.

You probably thought that stopping repossession is the toughest thing in the world; actually you can avoid property repossession in Manchester or anywhere else in the country in just 3 easy steps.

Fast property sale is an easy way of stopping property repossession. However, to sell a house fast you have to find out a buyer first and that is the most difficult thing of this time. After recession, the property market in the UK has not returned to its previous condition yet. Property prices started to fall, a lot of houses went into negative equity, lenders introduced stricter loan eligibility criteria and the equilibrium in the market got disturbed. As a result finding a buyer for homes became difficult.

Thousands of properties were repossessed by the lenders as the borrower could not pay off the loan. Thousands of homeowners are still facing repossession or feeling the tremor. With fast property sale repossession can be avoided; but where is the buyer?

Cash buyer is the answer. Cash buyers are the investors; they purchase properties of all types and conditions. You can avoid property repossession by selling the house to cash buyers in your area. Local buyers can offer the quickest service; if you are trying to avoid property repossession in Manchester then look for cash buyers in Manchester who has purchased properties in the area in past.

Local buyers have better knowledge of the property market; they can handle the matters efficiently and offer you a hassle-free property deal. You can avoid repossession without going through any hassle.