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Learn how to deal with different stages of repossession

House Repossession can be one of the most undesirable processes for a house owner. Most owners lose their homes to repossession simply because they do not find the right solution to it. Most home owners are not aware as to what they should be doing at different stages of repossession and somehow this makes the entire process more difficult. Stop-repossession-2-day aims at helping the house owners' deal with repossession in the best way.

Take a look at the different stages of repossession

  • Letters from lender for payment demands
    This sets a base for repossession. Initially when you make mortgage arrears, the lenders to get their payments, send you letters to make the arrears good. Your future depends on how you respond to these letters. You should explain your difficulties to the lender and convey your good intention to make payments. If you can make a payment arrangement you will get some breathing space to sort out your issues. But, it is always difficult to talk to the lender when you are in arrears. If somehow, you can convince your lender or his solicitor you may get some more time and flexibility for your mortgage payments.
  • Summons from the court
    This is the next step for your repossession process. If you fail to respond satisfactorily to the letters from your lender and do not make a payment arrangement, they can take you to court. The court will issue summons for hearing the case. You should remain present and prepared for this. You can still make the payment arrangement and avoid hearing. You should explain your case to the court as to why you are unable to pay your mortgages. The court may dismiss the case only if you make your payment or issue the repossession order.
  • Repossession and eviction order
    This is the final stage of repossession. It can be avoided if you act wisely by taking steps to stop repossession. The court issues a repossession order and asks you to leave your house within given time. If you ignore the repossession order eviction order is issued where bailiffs can forcefully make you leave your house. This does not mean you are entirely free. If the property sale does not make up the amount loaned to you, you will still be chased by your lender to pay for the difference.

Stop-repossession-2-day can help you through any of these stages. We can stop your repossession even if you have received an eviction notice. Call us on provided number or fill in our quick contact form.

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